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PDF documents are now available of the following:

A. How To Heal And Clear All Negative Emotions To Reveal The Powerhouse That You Are

B. How To Manifest Purposefully Anything You Truly Desire

C. How To Attract In Your True Life Partner

D. How To Understand Your Soul Purpose For Being Here

E. How To Bravely Launch Your Soul Business Here And Be Financially Successful

F. How To Uncover And Heal The Root-Cause Of Disease

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Tier 1: £18.99 per year

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Tier 2: £129.99 per year

  • All the above plus 1 hour Skype/in-person coaching and healing session per month on a subject of your choosing

Tier 3: £1299 per year (or 12 monthly installments of £109.90)

  • Above plus 1 hour coaching and healing session a week
  • 2 x complimentary tickets to all of Dan’s live events
  • Co-creative platform to discuss new projects and ideas with Dan on any life-subject of your choosing

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