“Problem-To-Paradise” 3-Month Life Optimisation Program


What is it?

3 months of weekly or biweekly* transformation, healing and vision-manifestation sessions one-on-one with advanced healer and psychologist Dan Sainsbury.

They will use the most advanced techniques to dissolve your biggest challenges and bring you to where you most want to be in your life.

After 3 months there will be a review and a view into the next stage in your growth.

How does it work?

In your introductory (complimentary) 30-minute session, you highlight with Dan your 3-5 biggest challenges in your life currently. These can be in any area of life: health, wealth, relationships, life-purpose, hitting particular goals, recurring limiting life-patterns.

Then over the 12 weeks you and Dan will use a suite of advanced techniques as well as Dan’s powerful and natural healing ability to heal the different components of the challenges. This will give you profound, lasting release and freedom.

We then look at your OPTIMUM LIFE VISION: what you most want to have and be. Using Dan’s specialist Vision-Creation techniques as well as his Manifestation processes, together you will create something of beautiful, life-long value.

What is the investment for this?


Until March 2017 it is £1299 or 3 monthly payments of £449.

Then it increases to £1599.

Questions for you to ponder:

  • What is the very best thing that can happen in your life as a result of doing this program?
  • What is life like on the other side of your challenges?
  • What is the true value of healing and overcoming your greatest challenges?
  • When is the best time to make a start?

Testimonials (more available upon request):

“Dan is a kind, insightful and powerfully rapid healer…a perfect blend of wrangling you away from being stuck in your story.. and ‘Spirit-whispered’ into healing and vibrancy…highly recommended!!” Madeleine Land (UK)

“It’s interesting to go back and realize the many ways my life is different now, everything feels more easy, more expanded and healed.

My mood is not swinging as much and I found that I’m pretty neutral most of the time, I also notice less triggers and being in a grateful state most of the time. Life still has its challenges but my focus has changed so much, I accept things easily, and create less drama in general.

I still have some issues with my digestion but the Candida is completely gone. The lump in my breast is gone as well, so thankful for that as well.

I have reconnected with my husband recently and deepened our relationship which is great. So I think that there are many layers to your healing that are revealed within time.” Vero Palacio (Mexico)

“This morning, when I woke up, I realized that there was no joy in me.
In the part of the world where I live is now 2pm, I’ve just finished my session with Dan and I can honestly say that I am in ECSTASY.

I think it’s important that everyone knows how quickly Dan manages to dispel any false illusion, block, situation, recent or old. It can be done in minutes, and this is the experience that I am having every time Dan works on me.

Another thing I wanted to share is that every time I hear Dan, I feel totally comfortable, accepted, I don’t feel any kind of judgement and for this reason, I feel myself more deeply. I would recommend Dan to every person I know, I feel blessed and grateful. Thank you”

Tiziana Paggiolu (Italy)


Many more testimonials available upon request.

*You can have either 1 or 2 hours a week, with no difference to the investment level. You will also be given implementation to do outside of the sessions.

*Dan is generally very responsive to email chat between sessions.


Schedule your introductory session (free) here, where you can share your biggest challenges: